Independent body for certification of non-destructive testing laboratories (Certification Centre) and territorial authorized body for accreditation of testing laboratories (Territorial Accreditation Centre) in the Unified System of Conformity Evaluation.

1. CC JSC “RPA “CNIITMASH” performs certification of the non-destructive testing laboratories at the facilities of Rostechnadzor: Kotlonadzor, gas supply systems, lifting devices, facilities of oil and gas, mining and metallurgical sectors, equipment of explosive and chemically hazardous production, railway transport facilities, buildings and structures (civil works).

2. Methods – radiation, ultrasonic, acoustic emission, magnetic, eddy current, penetrant, vibrodiagnostic, thermal, electric, visual and dimensional examination.

3. TAC JSC “RPA “CNIITMASH” performs facultative certification in the Unified System of Conformity Evaluation in the area of industrial safety, which enables a participant to declare oneself as a high professional in the field of services provided.

4. Certification of testing laboratories of destructive testing and other inspection types at highly dangerous facilities regulated by Roztechnadzor.