Machining and assembly

1. Study of machinability of hard materials (heat-durable, refractory, titanium alloys, stainless steel, high-strength and special steel, wear-resistant surfacing, etc.) and development of recommendations on efficient process technologies of machining, cutting and on tool materials, cutting fluids.

2. Development and research of new process technologies and special tools for deep holes, slots, large heavy loaded thread machining, rolling of heat exchange tubes for the items of nuclear power and petrochemical machine building sectors.

3. Testing of cutting tools of new tool materials – solid alloy with wear-resistant coatings, high-speed steels, synthetic superhard materials and ceramics.

4. Development of process technologies for machining of tailor-made items for different industries, manufacturing of prototypes.

5. Quality research of surface layers of heavy loaded parts comprising determination of residual stresses, surface roughness, microhardness, microstructure, surface layer quality provision with technological methods, including surface plastic deformation.

6. New cutting fluids testing. Study of cutting fluid influence on the tool life and surface finish quality. Development of recommendations on the rational use of cutting fluids for specific manufacturing conditions.

7. Design and manufacturing of high-precision gears and gearboxes.

8. Manufacturing of special tools and jigs, samples for mechanical testing.

9. Development and manufacturing of portable equipment to perform machining operations at erection and repair of power and petro-chemical equipment.

10. Engineering services in development process technologies.