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RF State Research Center


Order of the Red Banner of Labor 

Mission: fundamental, pre-discovery and applied research, development and process engineering of innovative, environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies and equipment for advanced high-efficiency nuclear power plants, supercriticalthermal power units, combined cycle plants and metallurgical package units.

Objective: Comprehensive solutions of new materials and advanced process technologies invention issues in the context of next-generation equipment manufacture for the power industry, metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical production, transportation, gas and mining industry.




Established in 1929, CNIITMASH stood at the origins ofthe national mechanical engineering sector. The materials designed in CNIITMASH (steel grades, alloys, spatters, cooling fluids etc.) and process technologies of machinery production gained widespread acceptance at the power, heavy, transport and petrochemical machinery building plants.






The experts of CNIITMASH dominate the following spheres:

  • Design of new structural materials;
  • Steel making technologies;
  • Casting technologies;
  • Pressure shaping;
  • Welding;
  • Cold metal working;
  • Non-destructive testing;
  • Stress calculations, life prediction etc.;
  • Process technology computer simulation;
  • Design and manufacturing of custom equipment;
  • Project engineering.

Overall enables the company to offer fully integrated solutions for complex production problems in the following fields:

  1. Industry-based material science engineering (material science program follow-up), including design and research of structural materials, parent material organization functions, design and control of material and critical equipment manufacturing processes.
  2. Industry expertise training and certification centre for welders and inspectors.
  3. Process engineering, fundamental and pre-discovery research, including other sectors (power, heavy, transport and chemical machine building, metallurgy etc.).


Today CNIITMASH is a developer and possessor of the technical specifications for steel and welding materials for reactor vessels, steam-generator units, pressurizers, emergency core cooling system accumulators, reactor coolant pumps, stainless steel vessel internals and a number of other principal equipment components, including turbines and pipelines for pressurized water reactor VVER-1000 and NPP-2006.